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Prestashop1.7 code better, create easier, sell faster

442 3 Années auparavant
The famous and robust framework has been introduced in some parts of the software, allowing our team to focus on ecommerce specifics.
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664 3 Années auparavant
A brand new way to add products to your catalogue! Refreshed interface, quick actions, shortcuts, automatic management for combinations and much more… We entirely rebuilt it to showcase the most relevant features and allow merchants to do this task quicker than ever!
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Why mobile is a must for fashion retailers

268 3 Années auparavant
Free from any markups or custom style, allowing designers & front-end developers to build amazing templates in no time.
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How to stay calm when your business is booming

491 3 Années auparavant
Named “Classic”, this new template brings a fresh look to your store and allows you to start selling in no time. We’ve also greatly improved the product sheet and made a complete overhaul of the checkout process for a better shopping experience.
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How to find a successful online business idea

405 3 Années auparavant
The back office has been refreshed, with an improved UI/UX experience making it easier to browse. We’ve also rethink the navigation menu to make it clearer and organize it in 3 big topics: sell, improve and configure.
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5 steps to optimize your online shop’s performance

533 3 Années auparavant
A revamped module page to better manage your modules on a daily basis. We introduced tabs, to let you easily navigate between the 3 sections, making it easy to view your installed modules, manage the ones waiting for an action and discover some that can be helpful for your business.
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